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Meet #TeamWearsafe Ambassador, Lyssa L.

Meet #TeamWearsafe Ambassador, Lyssa L. 

Lyssa has been running for the past three years and she's not stopping anytime soon! Learn more about her running routines, goals and her first hand review of the Wearsafe personal running safety device.

Lyssa L.
Home Base:
Thousand Oaks, CA
Where to find her:
Follow Lyssa on Instagram: @lovelyssa
Favorite song to run to?
Glorious — Macklemore
Run solo or with others?
Solo (or with my boyfriend!)
How long have you been running & why do you love it?
I've been running for three years, and I love it because it gives me a release. Running allows me to push myself as hard as I can in that moment, physically and mentally. It has become my version of therapy, and it is whatever I need it to be for that very day. Some days it's about me and the paces, nothing else. Other days, it's a slow and steady grind while I let go of the stresses of the day. Running gives me the opportunity to continually challenge myself, without the fear of judgement for failure. In running, there is no failure, only moments to grow stronger.
What was your biggest achievement as a runner? What obstacles did you overcome to get there?
My biggest achievement should probably be shaving more than 30 seconds off of my mile time, to a 6:25 last month. But I know that my biggest achievement is actually just getting back out there at all. In March I had to have my kidney removed and was found to have Renal Cell cancer. I couldn't move from my hospital bed for two excruciating days. I cried night after night, fearing I would never be able to run. I felt like I had lost a huge part of myself. But I was determined not to give up. If I could run while cancer lived inside of me, I could certainly run without it. So after 3 weeks of physical therapy and 8 weeks post-op, I was given the go-ahead to start running. It was an exciting and terrifying moment, but each little achievement- half mile, mile, two miles, faster and faster- was beyond satisfying and left me hungry for so much more. It wasn't easy, and I had to constantly remind myself where I had been, but now the memories of uncertainty and fear have lit a fire like never before.
If you could relive any race you’ve done in the past, which would it be?
If I could relive any race, it would be the yearly Valentine's Day couples race my boyfriend and I do. I just found out they won't be having the race next year, which made me so sad! It was such a fun community event, but it was such a special race for us. My boyfriend was the one who originally encouraged me to try running, and we both inspire each other so much. Part of the rules of that race were to cross the finish line while holding hands with your partner, and it was such a sweet moment to take hands and hear him encouraging me and cheering me on as we approached the finish line and crossed together. We are both super competitive, but completing an entire race with someone by your side the entire time is so special.
Are you training for any upcoming races? If so, which one(s)?
Not right now, I haven't decided on my first fall race yet!
What’s the biggest race on your bucket list?
I would love to run the Seawheeze Half Marathon in Vancouver!
Favorite way to fuel up: Before, During, & After?
Before: Organic brown rice cakes, pb & strawberry slices. During: Raisins. After: Egg whites, cinnamon and maple syrup (it tastes like a pancake, I swear!)
What’s your go-to spot for awesome running gear?
What's your favorite brand of running shoes?
Hoka One One, hands down!
What are a few of your favorite running blogs?
What are your running essentials?
ALWAYS a hat and sunscreen! I like lululuemon's Run Baller Ponytail cap because it has an extra large opening for your high pony tail to fit through, and Badger's SPF 30 Active Sunscreen.
How has Wearsafe changed your fitness routine?
With Wearsafe I'm able to take trails more often and it definitely gives me and my family peace of mind. Running solo can be dangerous, especially as a petite female. It is so important to always be aware of your surroundings as you run, but having my Wearsafe Tag with allows me to relax and enjoy myself more.
What’s your favorite thing about Wearsafe?
My favorite thing is the Wearsafe Rewind feature. Being able to send audio to your network of the moments before you actually pressed your tag can give your loved ones crucial information in getting you the help you need.
What's your favorite way to wear your Tag?  
I like to clip my Wearsafe to my running belt. The clip is secure there and it's easy for me to reach down and press it if I need to.
"THIS WEATHER 🙌🏼 3 miles this morning, then some strength training at home..."  
What are your running goals for 2017?
I'd love to continue building strength and consistency before the years end. A 21 minute 5k is calling my name ;)
Where do you look for fitspiration?
Pro runners like Emma Coburn, Steph Rothstein-Bruce, and Jenny Simpson
What was the best training advice you ever received?
Take what the course gives.
What advice would you give to new runners, or people just getting back into running?
Don't give up. It isn't easy, your heart might feel like it's going to explode out of your chest, and your legs might feel like they're about to give out on you but those are the moments that make you stronger.

Stay tuned for our next Wearsafe Running Ambassador Spotlight! To learn more about #TeamWearsafe and #ReclaimYourRun, email us at!

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