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Meet #TeamWearsafe Ambassdor, Katy C.

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Meet #TeamWearsafe Ambassador, Katy C. 

Katy completed her first half marathon this October and it's only just the beginning of her running journey! Learn more about her running routines, goals and her first hand review of the Wearsafe personal running safety device.

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 1.09.40 PM.pngName:
Katy C.
Home Base:
Council Bluffs, IA
Where to find her:
Follow Katy on Instagram: @popupomaha
Favorite song to run to?
Hailee Steinfeld – Most Girls
Run solo or with others?
I do lots of solo running but also take my little princess on runs. I am also blessed with the best running friend a woman could ask for in @thalverson23.
How long have you been running & why do you love it?
I am actually a really new runner, but I find so much peace in the run. Somedays I use it to spend some special time with my kids and other days it is where I get rid of the gunk that piles up after a long day!
What was your biggest achievement as a runner? What obstacles did you overcome to get there?
I have terrible knees. I actually had most of the cartilage scraped out after an accident during a equestrian competition.
If you could relive any race you’ve done in the past, which would it be?
I am actually doing my first half marathon in October, and I will guess that I will want to relive that one. I think that the first is something so special.
Are you training for any upcoming races? If so, which one(s)?
The Nebraska Marathon- half marathon is in October and I am running my first trail 5K race in September- Little Giants Foundation 5K Trail Run.
What’s the biggest race on your bucket list?
I would love to do one of the Rock N Roll series races, I think that they look like so much fun! Who doesn't want a race and a party!
Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.55.15 PM.png
Favorite way to fuel up: Before, During, & After?
I am a light eater before running, a hard boiled egg and some Essentials Amino Energy. I always have my Health Warrior bars when I am running. If it is a long run, then I normally splurge with a whole lot of sushi! Otherwise I love to have chicken, brown rice and tons of vegetables.
What’s your go-to spot for awesome running gear?
Well I have found a new love of all things Skirt Sports, plus I am blessed with an amazing local shop called Go! Flow. I always try to shop from small business and start up companies.
What's your favorite brand of running shoes?
I love my Nike Free Runs. They are amazing for running on the concrete. 
__Cassidy I Quote copy.jpg
What are a few of your favorite running blogs?
I love Nicole DeBoom's blog and Run, Heifer, Run. They are both super positive and inclusive of all running abilities.
What are your running essentials?
My running essentials are my Wearsafe Tag (safety first), my NewZill Compression socks, and my SPIbelt to hold all of my goodies!
Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.52.36 PM.png 
How has Wearsafe changed your fitness routine?
I run with my daughter and I just feel so much safer when we are out. I am also free to find a new trail or path when I am solo running, because my husband would know exactly where I was, thanks to the tag and app.
What’s your favorite thing about Wearsafe?
It is so small and discrete, no one would know I was wearing it unless I was pointing it out.
What's your favorite way to wear your Tag?  
I clip mine right to my sports bra, because it is small, it doesn't interfere with my running.
Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 12.51.24 PM.png
What are your running goals for 2017?
I want to finish my half marathon in October, and once that goal is done, it will be time for a new one!
Where do you look for fitspiration?
I love seeing all of the amazing runners on Instagram, but I get so much inspiration from my friend Tera. She is this rockstar when it comes to running and being a great Mom and Wife!
What was the best training advice you ever received?
A mile is a mile, whether it takes 15 minutes or 7 minutes. This really hit home for me because I always feel like I am too slow.
What advice would you give to new runners, or people just getting back into running?
Run your own race, don't compare yourself to anyone else. You just need to beat your own goals.

Stay tuned for our next Wearsafe Running Ambassador Spotlight! To learn more about #TeamWearsafe and #ReclaimYourRun, email us at!

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