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Being A Wearsafe Responder


A Wearsafe alert was sent — now what? Here's a few helpful tips on how to respond. 


1. Once you recieve an alert — open it right away!

Alert.pngAs soon as you recieve an alert, make sure you open it as soon as possible. This lets the person sending it know that someone is aware that they need help. Once an alert is sent, the sender's network are notified via text message, email and a push notification of the Wearsafe App. Alerts can be opened in the Wearsafe App or from any browser at using the 9 digit alert code. When you or another responder first open an alert, the Tag or paired smartwatch will silently vibrate to reassure your friend, family member or co-worker that their team is working to get them the right help. 

2. Locate where everyone is

Location.pngOnce you're in the alert screen, check the map to see where the alert sender is, and if any other responders are close. The map can be a useful tool for figuring out who's nearby and can get to the scene the quickest. 



3. Listen to the audio clips 


Audio is a cruciual component of being able to asssess an alert and understand the situation. Audio clips are available in 15 second increments for the first minute, allowing you to quickly assess the situation. The audio clips continue to come in every 30 seconds for the second minute and then every 60 seconds starting at minute three until the alert is closed. If the person who sent the alert has the Wearsafe Rewind feature on, network members will immediatelyreceive 60 seconds of audio from before the alert was sent. This can be helpful to understand what lead to the alert being sent.


4. Check Advanced Profile

Medical Info.pngAs a responder you can check the sender's advanced profile to see if this could be a medical emergency. To view their advanced profile, tap on the alert sender's location dot icon to view details such as pertinent medical information. 



5. Use Wearsafe Chat to work together & respond

Chat.pngNow that you have a good idea of what's going on and where everyone is, cooridinate with the other responders through the group chat to decide who should do what. Use the information you get from an alert to figure out the best response. In a true emergency, you can contact 911 right from the App and share what you know. In other cases, calling the alert sender or going directly to their location might be the best response. 


Every call for help is different, having a network of people who know you best helps to get you the right help, right away!


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