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Becoming a Wearsafe Responder Is Now Easier Than Ever

With the recent 1.9 release of the Wearsafe App, network invitations and alerts can now be accessed from the web — no App download necessary.

We have some exciting news… adding responders to your Wearsafe network(s) just got easier!  Whether you’re adding co-workers to your “Work” network or friends to your “Running Buddies” network, responders can now accept network invitations and view alerts right through the web! 


How to Create to Your Wearsafe Network:

With Wearsafe, you can create as many networks as you like, and add as many responders as y

ou wish. When you send a Wearsafe Alert, all of the responders in your chosen network will be notified and have the ability to communicate with each other to get you the right help, right away! Ready to set up your networks? Here’s how:
  1. Open the Wearsafe App, tap “My Networks”.
  2. Tap “Add Network” and give it a name (work, family, running buddies, etc.).
  3. Tap the pencil icon and choose “Add a Person” to add the people you’d like to be responders.
  4. Choose your responders through your contacts or add them manually
  5. Tap “Send Invite”
  6. Responder will receive a text/email invitation be added to your network


How to Become a Wearsafe Responder:

Responders are people you know and trust to help you when you need it. Received an invitation to join a Wearsafe network? Here’s how to become a responder and join a Wearsafe network:
  1. Tap on the “Accept Invite” link in the email or text message you received to be directed to a page to confirm your contact information.
  2. Select “Accept Invite” and you’re ready to answer a call for help! You will receive alerts by email and text message with a link to where you can view alert information from any browser.
For responders that want enhanced location and notification features or the ability to manage the networks they’re in, they can still download the Wearsafe App and register. Either path you choose is free for responders! Our updated setup guides are available to walk you through both processes.


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