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ALERT! What’s Sent When You Send a Wearsafe Alert

Learn what crucial information is sent to your personal safety network when activating a Wearsafe Alert.

Let’s face it, in an emergency calling for help can be a difficult (if not impossible) task. Just imagine the time it takes find your smartphone, unlock it, and dial the right number — now imagine doing it when there's an emergency. Harder than it may seem, right? When every second counts, fumbling with your phone may not always be an option. That’s why we created Wearsafe — the easiest way to get help when you need it. Whether you’re going for a run, hosting an open house or traveling to a new and unfamiliar place, Wearsafe allows your friends and family to be just a press away
Curious how Wearsafe works? With a single press, a Wearsafe Alert provides the people you trust with critical information such as location and audio. Take a look at what happens when an Alert is sent from your Wearsafe TagApple Watch or Android Wear and learn how our simple to use personal safety device can get you the right help, right away.

Learn more about how Wearsafe’s Personal Safety Service is revolutionizing the way people seek and provide help here.


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