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Wearsafe Running Ambassador Spotlight: Danielle B.

Meet Danielle, one of our Wearsafe Running Ambassadors.

Danielle ran her first Boston Marathon this year at 23. Learn more about her running routines, goals and her first hand review of the Wearsafe personal running safety device.

Danielle B.
Home Base:
Waterford, MI
Where to find her:
Check out her awesome blog:
Follow Danielle on Instagram: @db_run4life_
Favorite song to run to?
Run solo or with others?
How long have you been running & why do you love it?
About 6 years now. Running used to just be a way for me to relieve some stress and stay physically active once I got to college, but over time it became so much more than that. I love running because of the wonderful community I have been introduced to and the places it has taken me.
What was your biggest achievement as a runner? What obstacles did you overcome to get there?
For me I don't think it was one moment or one race. It has been a build up of running my first marathon at 20, qualifying for Boston at 21 and 22, and running my first Boston this past April at 23- all while being a full time college student and working part time. There have definitely been times when the stress from school and life in general have affected my body in terms of running performance, but I have learned to work around that because a day with running is 10x better than a day without.
If you could relive any race you’ve done in the past, which would it be?
I would relive my 2nd marathon in 2015 which was my first Boston Qualifier at the Grand Rapids Marathon. It was a perfect race day with temps starting in the mid-30s, the scenery was beautiful, and I was on a runners high the entire race as the miles flew by. I really couldn't believe I was going to have a 20 minute PR and qualify for Boston. As I approached the finish line and looked down at my watch, I almost started to cry tears of joy. It has been my best 26.2 miles yet and I am still training to beat that PR.
Are you training for any upcoming races? If so, which one(s)?
Currently I am coming off of recovery from Boston, but I have started thinking about upcoming races with all of this extra down time. I will be in Colorado for 3 months this summer, so I would love to do a race out there and I have been browsing fall marathons once I am back in Michigan! Additionally, nothing has been set in stone, but I may be making my 2nd Boston debut next year.
What’s the biggest race on your bucket list?
This changes frequently for me because I can't choose just one, but lately it has been the Big Sur Marathon. One day I hope to run one of the Leadville races since crewing at the 50 mile race inspired me to run my first half-marathon in 2013.
“Easy like Sunday morning ☕”
Favorite way to fuel up: Before, During, & After?
I love having a bowl of oatmeal topped with strawberries, blueberries, and a little brown sugar before my runs if I have enough time to digest. If not I usually turn to Generation UCAN to fuel me. For runs more than 13 miles, I take some Clif Bloks or Gu with me for an extra boost. Unless I am racing, I make my post-run meal as healthy as possible and I either go for a turkey sandwich or omelet with a protein shake.
What’s your go-to spot for awesome running gear?
If I have the extra money, I always support my local running stores. However, on a grad student budget I like to shop the clearance sections to get the most bang for my buck.
"Fast 5 ..."
What's your favorite brand of running shoes?
Brooks! I was fitted for the Ravenna's years ago and they work for me, so that's all that I buy!
What are a few of your favorite running blogs?
I don't really have one favorite, but I always like reading tips and advice from people who have been running for a long time because I feel like I still have so much to learn!
What are your running essentials?
I always head out with my Brooks Ravenna's, Garmin Forerunner, and now my Wearsafe Tag!
How has Wearsafe changed your fitness routine?
As a young female runner who travels to new places often, Wearsafe has taken away a lot of the worry I have when I head out on solo runs. I use running as a time for self-reflection and now I have more time to do that instead of wondering how or if I am going to have time to pull out my phone in case of an emergency. I know it makes my friends and family feel a lot better too!
What’s your favorite thing about Wearsafe?
I really like knowing that at a push of a button, I have a whole network of friends and family connected to me wherever I am.
What’s your favorite way to wear your Tag?
I just clip it right onto my running shorts! Super easy!
What are your running goals for 2017?
1. I am chasing down a new marathon PR in 2017
2. Volunteer/Crew at a race
3. Less focus on pace and more focus on the journey/views, especially with being in the mountains for 3 months this summer
4. Create more amazing memories
Where do you look for fitspiration?
Instagram! I follow so many incredible runners and workout fanatics who inspire me daily to head out for a run or hit the gym!
What was the best training advice you ever received?
The most honest and real advice I have ever received was right before my first marathon. It wasn't anything technical or life changing, but it was so true and it became my mantra when things got tough. "It's going to get hard and your legs will feel like they can't go any farther, but whatever you do, don't stop."
What advice would you give to new runners, or people just getting back into running?
I love the quote "It never gets easier, you just get stronger" and that is very relatable to running. If you stick with it, your body will figure out what to do, the breathing will become easier, and you will feel so much better mentally and physically. For those who are getting back into running, muscle memory is a real thing, just give it time. Lastly, find something that will motivate you when you don't want to lace up your shoes whether that is a specific goal, a running buddy, or a community of runners on social media.

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