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IN THE NEWS: Wearsafe Releases Wearsafe for Apple Watch

Embedded Wearsafe Technology Brings Personal Safety Layer to Apple Watch 

Company Takes Device-Agnostic Approach, Prepares to Extend Service to Other Wearables and Connected Devices

HARTFORD, Conn. – May 9, 2017 – Wearsafe Labs, creators of the Wearsafe Personal Safety Service, today announced Wearsafe for Apple Watch to provide a new way to send a lifesaving call for help outside of its hardware-based Wearsafe Tag. Signaling the expansion of Wearsafe’s technology beyond its initial iteration, the app allows users to protect themselves, and those they care about, using the Apple devices they already own.
Personal safety is a genuine concern among consumers. A recent Ericsson survey revealed a panic button is a highly coveted wearable feature. Wearsafe brought to market a two-pronged personal safety service that combines a monthly subscription and wearable activator to create a modern-day panic button for situations where time spent unlocking and dialing a phone would delay assistance.
By leveraging connected devices that people already use, Wearsafe is integrating personal safety technology into consumers’ lives as easily as possible. Previously, users needed the Wearsafe Tag in order to trigger Wearsafe’s service, which instantly shares the user’s GPS location and continuous audio stream with their preselected network of family, friends or co-workers. From there, their trusted peers can help the distressed user to safety by evaluating the entire situation through real-time data and making a judgment call on how to intervene. With Wearsafe for Apple Watch, users can send an alert directly from their smartwatch and gain the same sense of safety and security without having to carry an additional Bluetooth-enabled device.
“Wearsafe for Apple Watch is a natural evolution of the Wearsafe experience,” said Dave Benoit, CEO and co-founder of Wearsafe. “Our mission is to make the world a safer place, and break down the barriers to call for help. Apple Watch is just the first step in our plans to allow you – and the people you care about – to live more confidently every day, using the devices you’re most comfortable with.”
Just like the Wearsafe Tag, Wearsafe for Apple Watch sends an alert at the touch of a button. Users can tap the Wearsafe icon on their watchface or app and instantly send members of their selected network critical data, including their precise GPS location, and a live audio stream that delivers imperative information recorded up to 60 seconds before the button is pressed. Users still get all of the features provided by Wearsafe, but now have the additional option of sending alerts from their Apple Watch.
Because accidents do happen, Wearsafe for Apple Watch has a five-second countdown that allows users to cancel if an alert has been activated accidentally.
How Wearsafe Works
  • When activated, Wearsafe opens a group chat among predetermined friends and family contacted through email, text and push notifications. The contacts can then determine the best course of action after receiving the user’s location and audio data.
  • Contacts can communicate with one another instantly, and can call emergency responders directly from the app if needed.
  • Both the Wearsafe Tag and Apple Watch app pair remotely with a smartphone, allowing users to discreetly call for help while keeping their phone out of sight. When pressed, the Tag or Apple Watch vibrates to let the user know the alert has been sent. It also vibrates each time someone in their network views an alert so they know help is on the way.
To learn more about Wearsafe’s service and how it works, check out this video:
Pricing and Availability
Wearsafe is available for all generations of the Apple Watch running on watchOS 3, used with iOS 10 or later. The Apple Watch app is included in user’s monthly Wearsafe subscription service. Subscriptions start at $5 per month, and for a limited time, new subscribers also get a free Wearsafe Tag.
About Wearsafe
Wearsafe is a leading developer of advanced wearable safety products designed to revolutionize the way you live your life. Wearsafe's products marry cutting edge technology with individual and institutional demand for personal safety. The company's vision is to change the perception of safety and security products, from solely protecting locations and property, to protecting individuals, wherever they may be. For more info, please contact
IN THE NEWS: Wearsafe puts its panic button on the Apple Watch
Traveling with Wearsafe

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