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Tips for an Awesome (and Safe) New Year's Eve

Tips for an Awesome (and Safe) New Year’s Eve

Another year in the books! 2018 is just days away, and hopefully you’ve safely crossed all of your adventures for the year off your bucket list. If not, don’t worry. We have a feeling that 2018 is going to be your year to shine and be as adventurous as ever. As we gear up to ring in the new year, we decided to put together a few tips to make sure you stay safe… and have fun!

1. Have a plan.

It always helps to know where you’re going and how you’re going to get there — but finding a designated driver can be tough during the holidays! Thankfully, there are plenty of ride sharing options out there (Uber and Lyft just to name a couple), that help get you where you want to go, without having to worry about someone missing out on the fun. Take charge of your night and make sure everyone knows the game plan so you can all enjoy a safe and happy New Year.

2. Stay with a group.

NYE is one of the biggest celebrations of the year. Make sure to stay with your group so you don’t get lost in a dance mob... have each other’s backs! If someone gets separated, make sure to have a backup plan and a place for everyone to meet and regroup.

3. Stay hydrated and snack often.

If you plan on drinking, remember: moderation is the key to success! Aim for at least one large glass of water before you kick off the night and in between every alcoholic beverage. You’ll thank yourself tomorrow, and it’ll help you pace your night (and your budget!). Even better? Plan to take a couple Nuun Hydration tablets with you, too! Nuun comes in a variety of delicious flavors and are packed with electrolytes that helps hydrate better than just water alone. Toss one in your favorite drink (and save a few for the next morning!) to stay hydrated wherever your NYE takes you.  Also, remember not to drink on an empty stomach! Make sure to eat before you drink and pack a quick snack or two in your purse or pocket to have throughout the night, like a Health Warrior Chia Bars. Their small bars also come in several tasty flavors, are easy to carry, and are a perfect way to fuel up quickly while you're out on the go.  

4. Have a portable charger handy. 

There are few things worse than a dead phone on a night out on the town — especially on New Year’s Eve. Portable chargers these days come in all sizes, so the chances of you finding one that fits in your bag are pretty good. There are even bags that have chargers BUILT INTO them— nifty, huh?

5. Wear your Tag!

Friends boycott the plan and hop over to another bar? Need a way out of that awkward conversation? Whatever the emergency, Wearsafe can help! Have your Tag handy and press it to alert your New Year’s crew. The Wearsafe App will instantly provide your friends with your GPS location and audio, and groups them in a chat so they can get you whatever kind of help you need. Need a reminder on how to create a new Wearsafe network? Check out how with these 3 easy steps!



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