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Giving Gifts That Matter

Decorations are everywhere, eggnog has replaced everything pumpkin spice, and plane fares are on the rise: the holidays have officially arrived.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for most of us, and not just because of the time off from work (although it definitely doesn’t hurt). The main thing we love about this time of year is that our families gather from all around the country to be together and share in the festivities.

Of course, a big part of those festive festivities is gift giving, and although we’re still convinced you can never have too many socks, we’re always looking for ways to give something just a little more meaningful. With that in mind, we’ve put together a couple of our favorite things to gift that are more than just another stocking stuffer. Read on if you’re into good deeds, hanging out with good people, and a classy amount of holiday cheesiness.

Gifts that Matter: 2016 Edition

1. Gifts that keep on giving. How many bottles of perfume or bathrobes does your mom really need? Maybe this is the year you abandon the routine gifts and give something with a little more heart and soul — like a contribution to mom’s favorite cause. Was mom the Lorax in a past life? Does she speak for the trees? Check out what Arbor Day Foundation does for international reforestation efforts. Does she want to help feed the hungry? Well you could teach a man to fish... or you could donate a farm animal to a family in need through Heifer International. Whatever her cause is, there’s an organization that supports it. Really. People are very creative these days.

2. Gifts that foster togetherness. Studies show that most people would rather be gifted with an experience than a “thing”, and we couldn’t agree more. This year, think outside of the box (Gift pun? Anyone?) and try a group cooking or dancing lesson, a weekend trip, or get extra creative and jump into immersive theater. One of our favorites are collaborative mysteries known as Escape Rooms. Sounds scary, is actually AWESOME.

3. Gifts that keep you safe. Yes, yes, we know, “these guys keep putting themselves on their own gifting lists...” But we swear, we wouldn’t if we didn’t think that Wearsafe would make a bigger splash than another sugar cookie scented candle (as much as we do love a room that smells like fairyland). And since your friends and family can’t always be under the same roof, there’s no better way to look out for each other than with Wearsafe. The unexpected can happen while we’re doing normal things like shopping, jogging, traveling, etc. and with Wearsafe the people you care about are just a button press away. Check us out on the TODAY Show to see how easy Wearsafe is to use and how it can help you and your loved ones feel a little safer all year round.

So good luck, holiday shoppers — we believe in you! Go out there and give a gift that matters. Just remember to enjoy your time with your loved ones this holiday season, because let’s be real — the best gift is each other’s company.

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