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Road trips, Hiking and Wearsafe in Sunny San Diego


One of the many things we love about our job is hearing about how Wearsafe makes a difference for our users. It’s interactions like these that give us inspiration and keep us pushing forward to make Wearsafe a better product, and help make the world a safer place!

Since we love our users so much, we thought that this would be a great opportunity to start sharing some of their stories with all of you! So without further ado, we’re happy to introduce the first of our Wearsafe User Spotlights: this week’s user comes all the way from sunny San Diego, California!




Katherine W. has been using Wearsafe for over a year now, and recently took a road trip from New England all the way to the west coast. Now that she’s all settled in, she thought she’d reach out to us to tell us about how Wearsafe gave her (and her friends & family back home) peace of mind both while she was traveling, and as a young professional and avid hiker living alone in a new city.




"As a young female who just moved across the country alone, this product is great. It gives me a sense of security when I go on hikes, runs, or even out with friends that someone can always know if I need help.”




During her spare time, Katherine loves to go out and explore the area around San Diego, and is always challenging herself with a new climb. She told us that when she’s out scaling mountains, she either clips the Tag into her sports bra or waistband — which is such a coincidence since those happen to be our favorite places to wear the Tag while climbing up cliff faces too. Which we definitely do. All the time.




Since she knows so many great spots, we asked Katherine to share a few of her favorite Cali hikes with us. These have definitely made their way onto our on our to-do list for our next trip out west, right after hitting up a froyo stand, soaking up the sun, and finally figuring out whatever an acai bowl is.

Here are a few of Katherine's latest and greatest hikes:

A big shout out to Katherine for sharing her love for Wearsafe and the outdoors with us! We’re always super pumped to hear about people using Wearsafe to make doing what they love safer, especially when that includes adventure. Keep hiking and keep adventuring, Katherine — we think you’re super cool.

Love Wearsafe as much as we do? We’d love to hear about how it helps you do what you love.

Email us at, or write us a review here!

Psst: One more thing. If you’d love to fuel your adventurous spirit with $15,000 for that big bucket list trip, check out our #WearsafeAdventure contest at It’s pretty cool.

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