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Wearsafe November “Challenge Yourself” Playlist


The holiday season is upon us, and finding motivation to keep your training on track can become… a challenge. The days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, and finding the energy to go for a run instead of having another slice Grandma’s homemade of apple pie feels almost impossible. Trust us, we get it.

That’s why this month the Wearsafe team’s theme is: challenge yourself.

Up for a challenge?

We challenge you to the Wearsafe 30 Day Running Challenge. Try Wearsafe for 30 days — for free — and let us know what you think! Why? Because feeling safe while you run helps keep your training on track and gives you the confidence you need to go that extra mile. We bet you’ll run more, feel stronger, and smile the whole way! (Well, maybe not the last part, but you get the drift.)

And don’t worry — we’ve got just what you need to take on the challenge. We’ve put together a super awesome playlist to get you amped up and ready to check that next workout off your list. So grab your Tag, turn up the jams, and let’s run!

To take the Wearsafe 30 Day Running Challenge, visit

Oh, and as awesome as this playlist is, make sure you stay tuned to your surroundings. Only wear one earbud while running outside — jam on, but listen smart.

Check back in the following weeks for more Wearsafe FITspiration. Until then, run on!

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